1. Diego Maradona (ARG)
Argentina vs England (2-0) 1986
Unquestionably the greatest goal ever scored in a World Cup. It came just minutes after the infamous “Hand of God” goal. Maradona ran from his own half, beating every English player who stood in his way and finished it off past a helpless Peter Shilton.

2. Saeed Owairan (SAU)
Saudi Arabia vs Belgium (1-0) in 1994
Known as the Maradona of the Arabs, Saeed Owairan received unexpected attention world wide for this phenomenal goal. Just as Maradona in 86, he ran from his own half past Belgians who looked unbalanced in defence and with a little luck Owairan managed to get past them all and score.

3. Arie Haan (HOL)
Holland vs Italy (2-1) in 1978
This must be the most impressive goal from long range in World Cup history. Arie Haan had scored from 30 yards in the match against West Germany earlier in the tournament, but with this magnificent strike from 40 yards, he sent Holland to the final against Argentina.

4. Pelé (BRA)
Brazil vs Sweden (3-1) in 1958
A wonderful display by Pelé when juggling the ball past a Swedish defender and then volleying it home from close range. And the boy was only 17!

5. Roberto Baggio (ITA)
Italy vs Czechoslovakia (2-0) in 1990
A marvellous run by a young Roberto Baggio after receiving the ball on the half way line, nothing could stop him from scoring.

6. Dennis Bergkamp (HOL)
Holland vs Argentina (2-1) in 1998
Arguably the greatest goal of the last World Cup. Bergkamp controlled de Boer’s 50 yard pass with ease before finishing off in style.

7. Diego Maradona (ARG)
Argentina vs Belgium (2-0) in 1986
Another display of dribbling brilliance by Maradona. Four Belgians were left for dead before Diego slotted the ball home past goalkeeper Pfaff.

8. Archie Gemmill (SCO)
Scotland vs Holland (3-1) in 1978
A goal to remember from the little Scotsman. Dribbling his way into the penalty area from the side, before lifting the ball like a master over the goalkeeper.

9. Carlos Alberto (BRA)
Brazil vs Italy (4-1) in 1970
A cracking shot after fine work by Pelé and Jairzinho settled the scoreline at 4-1 in the final. This goal was the icing on the cake for the Brazilian champions of 1970.

10. Manuel Negrete (MEX)
Mexico vs Bulgaria (1-0) in 1986
This was truly a magnificent goal. An acrobatic and well executed volley from outside the penalty area which would have made it into any “Greatest Goals” ranking.

source from:planetworldcup


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